Thursday, September 17, 2009

Creating project in Eclipse

I worked on enterprise level application for one year using Eclipse, Php Designer, and Dreamweaver. We were using Eclipse for checking in and out (updating and committing)
When I joined the team, configuration was already in place in the Eclipse, so I never intend to make configuration. Whenever configuration needed, Team lead was up to the task and was responsible for the entire configuration. I came across new terms like SVN, Commit, and Update for the first time as I was using cute ftp for uploading and downloading files from server before.
Here our job was to write code, complete tasks and commit them using our team lead system. First job in the morning was to update the change as some developers were making change to our project in United States. Our team lead system went of order few times during this period, but we were always looking toward him for the configuration. I remember that once he configured everything on my system, but I never intended to look how everything are done.
Today I found myself stuck in the middle. As I’m going to start working on new project, I tried to do the entire configuration myself.
Believe I was having no clue how to do it. Thanks to some nice soul out there on the internet who have posted the entire step by step procedure. I am going to write those steps for you.
Import project in Eclipse
1. File >> New >> Project >> SVN >> Checkout projects from SVN
2. Next
3. Create a new repository location
4. Next
5. Enter URL as
6. Next
7. Select the directory
8. Next
9. Choose: checkout as project configured using the New Project Wizard
10. Finish