Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Property software for real estate

Currently I am working on a property software. Software is hosted here. Key features of the software are
1) you can manage your property related information in separate sections.
2) you can view property related information on daily basis.
3) you can share your property related information with property dealers and other users.
4) information related to property are shared on Facebook and twitter in addition to our advertisement section.
5) There is also section of sector maps of Islamabad.
6) you can search location of plots, houses etc in the maps section. Maps of the sectors of Islamabad are color coded according to the size of the plots, houses.
7) you can perform different operations on saved plots, houses, apartments etc.
8) currently we are providing service to property dealers in Islamabad, but we have plans to extend it to other cities of Pakistan.
9) We are also planning to add a section for current news about property in Islamabad and other part of the country.
10) Software is developed in Zend Framework, Doctrine 1.2, EXTJS 4.
11) We also have mobile version of the software with all the features available.
12) Mobile version is developed in Sencha Touch.