Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Installing Ruby on rails in four easy steps

Ruby on rail is used for web application development.
Ruby is object oriented language.
Rail is framework that uses Ruby language to develop robust and scalable web application.
Ruby on rail installation is simple, newbie however find it a bit tricky first.
Here in this article I am going to tell you how can Ruby on rails be installed in windows XP.

1. Download latest version of Ruby from http://rubyforge.org/projects/rubyinstaller/
2. after the installation double click the exe file. this will start setup wizard which will guide you to the end.
3. once Ruby is installed next step is to set path
=>start => control panel => system =>advance => environment versiables
click path and press edit.

at the end of the path, I assumed that you have installed Ruby in drive c.
press oK.
4. now in command prompt


gem update --system

when the process completed, write

gem install rails

you have done. now its time to create your first project

in command prompt, write
rails firstproject

Once the projec is create, in command prompt, write

cd firstproject
ruby script/server

now browse


you will see ruby on rails welcome page.


  1. You know both ruby and zend. Which one you recommend ? I am trying to study zend framework. But their "quick start" looks "difficult start", You need to make 3 classes per table for database connectivity. On following tutorial on zend site, i don't understand the database part.

  2. As I have been working in zend for the last one and half year, so I will definitely recommend Zend Framework, however RoR has its own taste.

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