Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Public transport some facts

Public transport (also public transportation or public transit or mass transit) comprises passenger transportation service which is used by public [1].
An important role played by public transport in the society is to enable all the member of the society to travel, not only those having driving license and have access to their own automobiles.
Public transport like all other services and facilities in the third word countries is a real dilemma. Elite, which mostly uses their own private automobiles and vehicles, like all other public institutions, organization and facilities, rarely consider improvement in these services. As they never ever use it, so why care about it?
The fact however is, if government gave proper resources and made some improvements, public transit can play a very vital role in generating fair amount of revenue.
Traffic jam which is a real problem in the big cities can be decreased be providing well-designed transport system which is considered more dense then private transport.
I have been using public transport in my beloved country for the last two year, and can say that it has made me mentally sick.
People behave like animals. I am not blaming them for behaving like this, as they are put like animals in buses. They don’t care walking on your feet and pushing with their hands.
Young people specially students stand near entrance, making it hard for the people to get in and out.
Situation become even more deteriorating when a person with his bag selling books, handkerchiefs, toffees, and homeopathic medicines arrived in crowd and start speech explaining benefits of the product he owns.
Beggars also contribute to the noisy environment, trying hard to collect money for no work.

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